One Stop Shop

We are a full service textile manufacturer providing export to clients across the globe.

Competitive Pricing

We have been competitive pricing while providing quality to our customers.

Low Minimums

We are a large-scale factory with a monthly capacity of products.

Quality Control

Our dedication to quality has earned us a stamp of reliability in the industry.

On Time Delivery

We have a proven track record in the industry for delivering products on time.

Skilled Manpower

We only hire the best resources in the respective fields.



Usman Hanif Textiles Pvt Ltd is a home textiles fabric manufacturer and exporting company that deals in home textiles fabrics, terry towels, hospital bed sheets, hospitality textiles and hotel linen products. We ensure and meet the most stringent international textiles manufacturing standards. Our aim is to provide superior quality products to our customers at a reasonable price.

We continuously take active steps to match the ongoing international textile trends and always absorb new ideas and refresh and polish creativity, adjusting and perfecting Quality Control Regulations according to the related international quality standards. With the help of our experienced and highly motivated production and sales team, we are now in a position to offer you reasonable priced textile products with punctual delivery.